Resident Teacher Flowing River Zen

 Rev. Brian Shi Shen-Jin Kenna, ThD 

 Order of Engaged Buddhists

Our Teacher


 The Rev. Dr.  Brian Shi Shen-Jin Kenna 长金,  Shen-Jin  was ordained a Priest in OEB by the consent of his root teacher, David Shen-Xi Astor,Sensei and the Order’s Senior Council in the summer of 2017. He was named as Shen-Xi Sensei's Dharma Heir in February of 2018.  In addition, Shen-Jin has been invested with the life-rank of a Fully Professed Priest in recognition of his dedication to the Order and his demonstrable scholastic achievements. Shen-Jin continues his training in Buddhist and clerical studies as a servant/leader with his root teacher Shen-Xi Astor,Sensei and OEB’s senior leadership. He received a BA, Masters in Ministry and Doctorate in Theology from Crossroads Theological Seminary.  He continued his post graduate education at the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business in the Executive Certificate Program as well as Post Graduate studies in law receiving a Paralegal Certification from Blackstone Law.  Prior to stepping on the Buddhist path, he was a Baptist and UCC Minister.



Shen-Jin believes the strength to one’s  practice lies in meditation, contemplation and life long learning. There is a common affirmation that adding a contemplative practice alongside zazen is essential for experiencing awareness of our interconnectedness with all other Universal expressions.  Zazen prepares our body-mind so we can move into insight-contemplation: don’t follow, follow.  Penetrating this difference is the key for human flourishing.