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On behalf of the sangha of Flowing River Zen, of Suffolk County, NY, let me welcome you to our web site. We hope that you will find something of help and interest to your life's journey. I further hope that you will gain a sense of our practice and what we offer to the community of Long Island. Our sangha includes a broad variety of individuals of many different talents, ages, experiences and backgrounds, but we all seek to preserve and honor the great Zen traditions developed over centuries in China & Japan. We strive to present them in ways most relevant to our modern culture.

While faithfully prescribing to the pathways tread by our elders in Zen and respecting the rigors they prescribed, we seek to offer a place of peace, human flourishing and community service  to all who might benefit from a quiet, disciplined and pragmatic approach to daily life and the pursuit of awareness. We offer beginners instruction in mindful meditation, workshops,formal Buddhist studies and other ways of serving our community. Thank you for visiting, and we welcome your comments or questions.

Rev. Brian Shen-Jin Kenna, Sensei


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